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Hello and welcome to my women's health care company
Your Healthcare Academy!

I am Julie Čolan, mummy to two gorgeous sons and a women's healthcare advocate.

I started Your Healthcare Academy after starting a very successful multi-award-winning Women's Healthcare business. 

It soon became clear to me just how many women suffer with their mental health and how as women, mothers, careers - we put ourselves LAST... 

I am so passionate about women's health that I trained to become a Mental Health First Aid trainer (under Mental Health First Aid England) so as I could better support the women in my community.


I love being able to support women.


I have won many awards that I am very proud of and have even been invited to The House of Lords for an award!


My sister business provides products and support for pelvic floor issues and periods. Seeing the mental health issues that weak pelvic floor issues, periods, and menopause have on women I knew I had to do something.

My PASSION is to ensure that women have all the education and support that they need.

I am working on ensuring that pelvic floor education is taught in high schools. With 50% of women suffering with weak pelvic floor issues - many of which could have been avoided with education. This is my MISSION.

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Education is Key :

We run Mental Health courses that are fully accredited and can be delivered online. Suitable for adults who want to learn more about how to implement an effective wellbeing strategy in their workplace. 


Our expert trainers can deliver the best Mental Health First Aid courses, Menopause, and Menopause in the Workplace. We can also help you implement workplace policies.

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