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Keeping Positive

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

While looking at keeping positive, it is crucial to recognize that we are unable to control what transpires in our lives. Due to this, we may experience unexpected and even sometimes unpleasant events. All we can do is respond instead of reacting to these events.

How we choose to respond is the KEY.

This blog will help to suggest and signpost ways we can do so. Specifically; why it is essential to keep positive, how to stay positive, and even helpful things to remind ourselves when low. Also, looking at how and what the importance is of a positive environment and the meaning of self-care. While still keeping in mind that it is more than Okay to seek further help if needed and that there is nothing to feel disappointed about in yourself if you feel you may need further help. Acknowledging this is a positive step.

Why is it important to keep positive?

Keeping positive can be easier said than done. However, it's critical to do so as when we are not feeling our best, feeling stressed and getting agitated or anxious easier. This can leave us being unable to enjoy ourselves or even social situations.

Thinking in an optimistic way can help manage stress and to motivate you. For example, when being reasonable we will also begin feeling more motivated. Motivation is a positive quality and a remarkable trait to have. It pushes you forward, inspires you, encourages you to tackle obstacles as well as offers new opportunities. Positivity may also lead to a healthier lifestyle as the mind has a strong effect on our body and health. When thinking positively your immune system is healthier, and your body recuperates faster.


How to keep positive

Keeping positive is profitable both mentally and physically. Ways that we can do that is to:

● Focus on the good things in life - Remember that challenges are a part of life. Situations won't always be pleasant to experience.

● Practice gratitude - Showing that you're grateful for situations and things you have. Gratefulness has proven to reduce stress.

● Spending time with positive people - Spend time with those that you love. Enjoy yourself around people who help you to feel positive.

● Having a morning routine - Routines help to create a well-structured morning which allows you to feel in control as you cannot predict how your day will occur

● Exercising - Even going out for a short walk will help to boost your mental strength. Keeping our body fit and well looked after leaves us feeling well refreshed and is beneficial to our physical health.

● Establishing a plan for when things may not seem so positive - Putting a plan in place so that you can feel better if the situation ends up being not so good.

● Identify your areas of negativity - Recognising areas in our life that may be negative will help as it leads to us becoming more self-aware. Meaning we are more engaged and able to see where things may begin to turn negative.

All of these will help to enhance your self-esteem, allowing you to feel better about yourself. You will also feel more prepared and more involved in situations instead of feeling disengaged due to inactivity.


Suggestions to remember that may help when struggling

Even while prioritising our self-care, things can become difficult no matter how hard we try. We cannot always prevent ourselves from struggling and having hard times. During these times, it's crucial to take care of ourselves. Whilst remaining mindful of the fact that it's okay to feel down, without being overly critical. To practice positive thinking, you don't have to bury every negative thought or emotion. Sometimes it's the lowest points in our lives that spur us on to change and move forward.

Things to try to pick yourself up:

● Spending some time with friends - No matter how inactive we may be, the company of others can help us to feel less alone.

● Journaling - By writing down why one may feel low, we may feel like we have let go of our negative feelings. Also, writing down what we have recently archived helps us remember that times aren't all negative.

● Yoga - Take some time to try and look after your body by doing something good for ourselves helps us feel better mentally.

● Listening to music - Some people find it beneficial to relax while listening to music.

Remember, we are all human. Therefore, it is okay not to feel our best all the time. Keeping in mind that everyone is different, you will need to figure out what works best for you, which may not be the same for everyone. There is no right or wrong answer.

What is self-care?

Self-care is actions that we can do to improve or preserve our physical and mental health. Providing personal care is possible with or without the assistance of professional health care teams. Reaching out for further help is also self-care; seeking additional help is taking care of yourself.

Self-care can be anything varying from reaching out for additional help to drinking water. Things that we can do daily involving self-care even when not feeling low are:

● Eat a healthy meal.

● Engage in exercise.

● Go for a walk.

● Drink water.

● Practice good sleep hygiene

● Have a cup of tea.

● Sit in the sunlight.

● Take a shower or bath.


How to create a positive environment

While taking care of ourselves means we should be mindful of things we do. We should also be aware of the environment since it affects our mental health. Being in a positive environment makes it easier for us to keep positive and think positively, leaving us feeling more relaxed and well-rested. Things we can do to create a positive environment is:

● Keeping our environment clean - Having good maintenance will leave us feeling less cluttered. Additionally, feeling as if we may have a bit more opportunity.

● Soothing our senses - Our senses entwine with our moods. Therefore, creating our environment to smell fresh and inviting can lift our mood and relax us easier.

● Affirmations and quotes - Having quotes or affirmations to remind us of the positive opportunities we can acquire. Helping us to keep our goal in mind, keeping us motivated.


Keeping positive is known to be difficult at times and will not always feel possible. However, we can make it easier for ourselves to manage with many of the tips and factors mentioned above. All while keeping in mind reaching out for further help if required is okay.

If you feel as if you would like to widen your understanding of mental health, we do offer an online Mental Health First Aid course as well as menopause in the workplace.

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